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How do we as independent financial advisers add value?
Holding increased allocations to cash does not come without challenges and risks.
Consolidating your pensions can save you time and money.
It is easy and often tempting to be drawn into the day-to-day news on the markets, the economy, or the performance of individual funds.
Like everyone, we have been stunned by the events in Ukraine. These are difficult and volatile times. In addition to the growing human cost and suffering, the escalating conflict in Ukraine and resulting sanctions on Russia add a new dimension of risk to investment markets.
It’s easy to feel bombarded by the constant cycle of negative news headlines or ‘noise’, which can add to your anxiety about how your investments are doing and uncertainty as to whether your investment strategy is on the right course.
As we find ourselves in unsettling times following the Coronavirus outbreak, BOE rate cut and ongoing market volatility, we wanted to highlight one of the key elements that an advisor must consider when managing a client’s portfolio, which is when and how frequently to rebalance back to target weights.

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