Why choose us

We look after your money as if it is our own.

Our success is founded on building strong, enduring relationships with our clients, which we achieve through a friendly, personalised, and professional service.

Although we operate locally, our perspective is global, thanks to our strategic investment partnerships. This enables us to offer an exceptional value-for-money proposition, covering comprehensive advice, administration, and investment management services, setting us apart from national firms that may limit their offerings to Restricted advice.

As an independent firm, we take pride in delivering impartial and unbiased advice that you can trust wholeheartedly. By assessing the entire marketplace, we diligently seek out the most advantageous, cost-effective, and tax-efficient solutions tailored specifically for each client.

Our unwavering commitment to acting in our clients’ best interests is evident through our dedication to helping them achieve their goals and aspirations. We are here to guide and support them throughout their financial journey.

We put investors first

  • We believe that a company that puts investors first wins in the long term because their investors win.
  • Taking a patient, long-term view helps people ride out the market’s ups and downs and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
  • Controlling costs helps investors build wealth by keeping more of what they earn.
  • Investment returns are uncertain, but costs are not. 
  • To help manage risk and deliver better returns, truly diversified portfolios combine investments with different underlying drivers.
  • Expert professional management.
  • Globally diversified portfolio, regularly rebalanced.
  • Therefore, we provide ongoing support in terms of advice, administration and management of your pension and investment portfolios.

Our investment process

We provide Tailored Investment Solutions

  • The investment process should always begin by setting appropriate goals.
  • Diversification is a key factor in achieving long term performance, whilst at the same time keeping short term volatility under control. For most investors, a well-balanced, diversified portfolio is likely to be the best solution.
  • You cannot control the markets. You cannot control the economy. What you can control is how much you pay to invest. Investment vehicles and fund costs vary widely, and it can be surprisingly difficult to unpick the total cost of an investment portfolio.
  • If you are investing to achieve a goal that is going to have a significant impact on your life, you are likely to feel a wide range of emotions as the value of your portfolio rises and falls along the way. In our view – and there is research to back this up – investors that remain disciplined, focusing on their long-term goals, are far more likely to succeed than those who chop and change in response to short-term market conditions.

We understand that each client possesses unique investment needs and aspirations. Therefore, we take pride in offering tailored investment solutions crafted specifically to meet your individual requirements. Collaborating with our carefully selected investment partners, such as Hymans Robertson Investment Services (HRIS) and Morningstar Investment Management Europe, both esteemed independent service providers, allows us to leverage their expertise in asset allocation, fund selection, and portfolio construction.

Our review service is focused on the medium to long-term outlook, acknowledging that short-term market fluctuations can be extremely unpredictable. As we believe that over time, markets tend to reflect the true value of underlying assets. Independent research consistently emphasises that asset allocation is a key driver of portfolio returns. Our strategic partnerships enable us to deliver dynamic investment management solutions aimed at achieving the highest expected return while aligning with your risk profile.

We are committed to providing you with a personalised, professional, and independent advice service that paves the way for you to accomplish your investment goals confidently and successfully. With us as your dedicated partner, you can embark on your investment journey with clarity and assurance.

Making the right choice in terms of asset allocation is undoubtedly the most critical factor in determining investment performance. Our tailored approach aligns with your life goals and risk tolerance to build a successful investment strategy.

Therefore, making the right choice – the right asset allocation, is by far the most crucial decision when investing. The art of asset allocation is to create a portfolio likely to fulfil your life goals, drawing on distinctive characteristics of shares, bonds, and alternative investments. We will help you to build an investment portfolio that reflects your goals and your willingness to take risks to achieve them.


The technology powering our service allows us to administer your portfolio with exceptional efficiency, enabling us to provide an optimal level of service while keeping our initial and ongoing fees highly competitive, especially when compared to national chains.

Our investment proposition is specifically designed to deliver exceptional value for money to our clients, as we recognise the significant negative impact that high fees can have on an investment portfolio over time. With this in mind, we strive to invest in the most efficient manner, carefully balancing ongoing costs against potential returns when selecting the funds to build our portfolios. This involves a combination of index-tracking approaches and active management, where we believe it can add value.

Additionally, we can prioritise responsible investment characteristics, such as environmental, social, and governance attributes in building investment portfolios.

Moreover, our strategic partnerships grant us access to the most cost-effective share class of funds, which significantly reduces the ongoing investment charges for our valued clients. With this approach, we aim to optimise the return on your investments and create a pathway for long-term financial success.

Tax-efficiency is key to getting the best results. We carefully consider the impact of taxes on your investment returns and strive to minimise the tax burden on your portfolio. By doing so, we aim to help you retain more of your earnings, enhancing the growth potential of your investments.

Just like other costs, 
tax is a charge that will compound over time, reducing returns. We help clients maximise their returns by structuring their investment portfolios to minimise their tax liability.

Ongoing advice

In the constantly evolving financial landscape, we passionately believe that ongoing advice, especially for investments and pensions, is of paramount importance.

Recent events and market volatility have only served to reinforce this viewpoint. Whether during challenging times or periods of market exuberance, our role is to be steadfast in our guidance for clients, helping them remain focused on their objectives while tuning out the noise.

Market volatility can cause your initial asset allocation to shift over time. To address these fluctuations, we collaborate with you to establish a regular, disciplined rebalancing program. This ensures that your portfolio stays aligned with your goals and risk tolerance, maintaining a well-structured investment strategy.

Our commitment to your financial well-being goes beyond mere advice; it is an ongoing partnership. We support you to navigate market uncertainties with confidence. By staying attuned to your changing needs and the dynamic market environment, we can help you make informed decisions, safeguarding the pursuit of your long-term financial aspirations. With us by your side, you can confidently face the future.

At every stage of the investment journey, our focus is to help you retain more of your investment portfolio’s returns.

At every stage of the investment process, our focus is to help clients retain more of their investment portfolio’s returns.

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